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... the history of the company



  • More than a hundred years ago, the brothers founded in Stolzenbach, Bremen a deal with coal and bulk materials such as gravel and sand.
  • Bremen grew and the Bremen area was transformed from a purely agrarian expression more to residential and commercial areas.
  • And Stolzenbach grows.
  • The increasing demand for heating fuel and building materials made the company grow. The adaptations to the respective time requiring multiple relocations and expansions of the company, as well as changes in the commercial segment.
  • Increased focus on the retail and wholesale business
  • With the decline of coal in households, this area of ​​trade set and began to trade with building materials in general and tile set.
  • In the period that followed began an increasing focus on the wholesale and retail business with ceramic tiles and natural stone materials.
  • The processing of tiles and natural stone has been increasingly at the forefront of the business.

Restructuring and strengthening cooperation

  • In 2004 the company was in the context of the bad economic situation facing new structural changes.
  • The basic building materials trading range was spun.
  • To open up new business sectors, a commercial and administrative office was re-established and strengthened the already longstanding collaboration with partner companies.

Establishing the Stolzenbach Ltd. - an established company on stock price

  • At the turn of 2006/2007 there was time.
  • The progressive economic development required a new structure of the company.
  • The new owners formed the Stolzenbach Ltd., whose headquarters are located in Achim.
  • With the retention of the name Stolzenbach, the company intends to bring the roots in the tradition of corporate values ​​expressed.
  • In the future to our customers under the name Stolzenbach have the ability to tile and natural stone from around the world, for all the claims application to acquire in the best advice and at a fair price, and to claim a quality solid craftsmanship.
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