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Our suppliers are our partners ...


Recognizing that only quality products lead in relation to craft solid work to a first class result, we sell the products of the following manufacturers:



Agrob Buchtalagrob bruchtal

A large German manufacturer with an innovative program.


Ceramic floor - hard as steel burned. Since 1870.


Pure Cleaner Systems- Keep it clean.


Profiles for the more attractive end of tile work.

Irislogo iris ceramica

Very wide range of large format also, extremely robust tiles.

Jasbalogo jasba

German manufacturer of high quality mosaic tiles and specifically for various living areas.


Extruded stoneware. For most of the series many moldings are available.

Moeller - Stone Caremoeller

Maintain optimum quality linings.


Sturdy shoes - especially for the commercial sector.


Tile collections of a special kind


The anti-skid treatment, a novel surface structure refinement.

Villeroy & Bochvilleroy

Tiles for all areas.


Creating value with plywood and form elements.


If you "favorites" did not find here, please contact us.
Of course we also supply products from manufacturers not listed here

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